What is Causing My Back Pain?

Cervical Disc Herniation - Second Opinion SpineEveryone knows that neck and back pain can be some of the most uncomfortable pains to deal with. One of the common causes of neck and back pain is called a Cervical Disc Herniation. This painful and frustrating condition often presents itself with the following symptoms:

  • radiating arm pain
  • numbness (paresthesia)
  • weakness, with or without associated neck pain
  • neck and radiating arm pain

What do you do if you think that you have a herniated disc? Well, the first thing that you should do is get an official diagnosis from a trained expert. They will present you with your options, including any non-surgical options for treating your cervical disc herniation.

Already diagnosed with a herniated disc? Find out what options you have, and get a second opinion from Second Opinion Spine – the Virtual Experts in Spinal Surgery and Conditions.

Read more about Cervical Disc Herniations here.

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